søndag 13. september 2015

The revival of the blog

Sound like a good movie title, doesn´t it?

It's time to revive the blog. 2014 was a year of some scrapbooking, but not so much imagination and inspiration, but 2015 is something really different. I have lived in my craft room this year. I have redesigned the room, purged a lot of old stuff and best of it all; I have scrapbooked so much! And it is fun! So much fun! It is so much fun that I think we have to move soon because my albums have taken over the house… But I have not come around to blogging yet. But now I do. :)

There are no other blog posts here right now. That´s because I want to start fresh with all new layouts, project life pages, cards and other things. A new chapter.

So the layout below is one I made yesterday with some of the few pieces I have left from the Hip Kit Club august kit. I have so few pieces of paper left and so much embellishments (the package from Hip Kit will contain the paper add on kit as well) so I am using embellishments like nobodys business.

And by mentioning Hip Kit Club I just have to give them so much credit for making me get into my scrapbooking groove again. I just love every single part of their kits.

I LOVE the pictures on this layout. I just absolutely love them and my heart flutters every time I take a look at them. My daughter looks so happy and so free and so beautiful here and it makes me wish that she will never lose that feeling.

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